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We are a highly skilled team with years of engineering and design experience. Our goal is to always surpass your expectations!

What sets us apart:

The principal behind SZI Engineering LLC has a proven track record of assisting companies in commercializing technology. From the early stages of licensing and prototyping, to branching out and customizing unique configurations, we are your dependable partner.


With over 10 years of direct engineering experience in research institutes, start-ups, and even high volume mil-spec manufacturing; no environment is too challenging and no hurdle is insurmountable.


We understand that your requirements and market evolve, so we strive to evolve our technology and knowledgebase with you. Our vision of continual improvent drives us toward a lifetime of learning and we welcome it!

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Please contact us at 727 424-3576. We are ready to take on your most demanding projects.

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